Bicycling, August 2014-

When organizers of the Vuelta a España sought to include a mountain to upstage France’s Ventoux and Italy’s Mortirolo, they turned to L’Angliru. But even that dizzying ascent can’t rival Mount Washington, which is the steepest sustained climb in America. To reach the top you’ll need strong legs and a low gear: the final meters hit grades of 22 percent.

Amy Kitson, 2017

Everything that everyone told me about this race was true- what an unforgettable experience. Those hills, That finish line, The CROWDS…I can’t wait to do it all over again!!

Velo News, February 2014-

The Mount Washington Auto Road is one of the most difficult paved climbs in the world. The 7.6-mile toll road climbs 4,618 feet at an average grade of 11.6 percent. That’s steeper than the Mortirolo, Zoncolan, and Agliru, and far steeper than any climb you’ll see in the Tour de France, and you don’t have to cross an ocean to get there. The hardest pitch is the last 50 yards at 22-percent gradient.

Brian Frohnapfel, 2017

I sold this to my family as a vacation. I loved the climb and my family had such terrific time vacationing in the area that we went back multiple times!

The Smithsonian-March 2012-

Rise Over Run: 4,586 feet in 7.6 miles. If bang is elevation and buck is overall mileage, then this route may offer more of the former for the latter than any other paved road. Unfortunately, this legendary climb, considered by many to be the world’s most difficult feat in uphill cycling, is not open to just anyone. The road, which averages 12 percent in grade, is private and is closed to bicycles except during two organized races each year, in July and August. Note: Registration requires a fee. Cyclists must also arrange for a ride down afterward, as the road is considered so perilously steep that cycling downhill from the summit is prohibited.

James Sabatino,  2018

Big challenge, outstanding event and the best post race meal anywhere!!!! Highlight of the bike race season!?????