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48th Annual Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb Benefiting 

 Tin Mountain Conservation Center 

August 15, 2020

Special announcement

After much debate and deliberation, we have decided to cancel the 2020 MWARBH and its Practice Ride. We have emailed all our registered participants for information about donations and refunds. Registration was closed weeks ago. Be well. Stay safe. If you have any questions, please email 

The Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb is known as the toughest hillclimb in the world with an average grade of 12% (extended sections of 18%) and the last 50 yards is an amazing 22%!

Elevation is not all you gain. Through such a challenge, one will find the experience is truly priceless.

Please make sure you understand our Disclaimers and Policies before you sign up for this event. It is highly recommended that riders research and purchase registration insurance upon registering for the event.

The race is open to anyone fit enough for the challenge. For more information and rules go here.

For information for your support vehicle (your ride down) go here.

The Practice Ride is July 19th. For more info go here.

Friday, August 14th Registration bag pick up
Base of the Auto Road under the BIG TENT  For a visual, go here.
3:00-6:00 pm  Racer Check-in

Saturday, August 15th RACE DAY!
6:00-8:00 am   Racer Check-in (for those who have not checked in on Friday)
6:30 am   Breakfast available for purchase at Glen View Cafe located across the street from the BIG TENT

6:15 – 8:00 am   Road opens for rider’s cars to the summit. Do not warm up on the Auto Road.
7:00 am Tickets on sale for Spectator Stages
8:00 am Spectator Stages depart base

  • No advance ticket sales. Adults: $36.00 – Children 5-12 $16.00 – for more info please visit the Mt. Washington Auto Road web site.

8:00 am     Road closes to automobile traffic
8:20 am     Racers Line Up
8:25 am     Pre-Race Announcements
8:30 am     Top Notch  (Red Bib)
8:35 am     Age Group  (20-39 + Some Juniors)  (Blue Bib)
8:40 am    Age Group (40-49) (Yellow Bib)
8:45 am    Age Group  (50-59 + Some Juniors, Tandems, and Unicyclists) (Silver Wave)
8:50 am     Age Group  (59-65+) (Green Bib)

Approx 12:00pm – Auto Road opens for down traffic or will remain closed until Auto Road staff deems safe to open.

Sunday, August 16th Rain Date– If the event is postponed to Sunday, we still eat on Saturday (turkey is pre-ordered). 

Summit Weather
* Highest wind recorded 231 mph (372 kph) 12 April 1934
* Lowest Temperature -47 F (-43.9 C) January 1934
* Highest Temperature +72 F (22 C) August 1975
* Avg. Annual Temperature 26.5 F (-3.1 C)
* Avg. Annual Wind Speed 35.3 mph (56.8 kph)
* Avg. Annual Snowfall 256 inches (6.5 meters)
* Greatest Snowfall Season 566.4 inches (14.38 meters) 1968-69

Course map

 For current conditions go here

All proceeds from the race benefit Tin Mountain Conservation Center. A non-profit placing educators in every Mount Washington Valley school district, holding summer camps each season, and working with our communities through a variety outreach programs.

For up-to-date information please visit our Facebook page.

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