Event Info & Race Details

The Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb in August and the Early Bird in July are the only days cyclists are allowed on the Mt. Washington Auto Road.

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The Mountain & Weather

Course map: 

Looking for elevation grade information?   Click here for the Strava Segment

Located at the intersection of 3 major weather tracks, Mt. Washington is known to have the “worst weather in America.” Even August days can be wet, windy and cold. Be sure to bring warm, dry clothes to change into at the summit.

Click here for the Mount Washington Observatory’s Higher Summits Forecast 

Avg. August Weather:
*53 degrees F avg. temp
*35 mph avg. winds

Summit Weather Fun Facts:
* Highest wind recorded 231 mph (372 kph) 12 April 1934
* Lowest Temperature -47 F (-43.9 C) January 1934
* Highest Temperature +72 F (22 C) August 1975
* Avg. Annual Temperature 26.5 F (-3.1 C)
* Avg. Annual Wind Speed 35.3 mph (56.8 kph)
* Avg. Annual Snowfall 256 inches (6.5 meters)
* Greatest Snowfall Season 566.4 inches (14.38 meters) 1968-69

The Ride

The August Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb is a fully supported event – race it, PR it, ride it, enjoy it.  Take on the challenge any way you want.  What you get is a professional timing, tons of support, professional photography, thundering cheers as you climb the wall, lunch, beverages and prizes!  To ensure your success, please review these event notes – 2022 FINAL MWARBH Event Notes.

The Schedule (click here)

The Anti-Doping Policy

Tin Mountain Conservation Center and the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb (MWARBH) reserves the right to conduct a post-competition urine analysis on any athlete that competes at the MWARBH. The list of substances that will/can be analyzed for are found on the World Anti-Doping Agency websiteAdditional information can be found hereAthletes, check your medications!

The FAQ (click here)

The Road

The Auto Road sets the policy for vehicles, passengers and weight limits. For more information visit – Mt. Washington Auto Road

Summit Vehicle Driver InformationRiders must have their own ride down from the summit. Email the event director for the group carpool information.  Although we have paid to support a page to help participants connect with a driver, securing a ride down from the summit is solely the responsibility of the registered participant and not that of Tin Mountain Conservation Center or the Auto Road

Driving to the summit is authorized by the Mt. Washington Auto Road and drivers need to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding use of the Auto Road.  We encourage all riders and drivers to review the vehicle restrictions and other information posted on the Mount Washington Auto Road site: Click Here for Auto Road vehicle Restrictions as well as the information presented here. 

Auto Passes for 2022 As a registered rider, you will receive one “Auto Pass” with your bib/race number pick up.  Give it to your driver BEFORE they drop you off. Your support driver will need to have that Auto Pass to be permitted to drive to the summit and is subject to the passage fees described below.   Fees will be paid at the toll house.  The toll house is open on race morning from 6 am to 8 am.  All support vehicles must be heading up by 8 am. 

A driver with:

0 Auto Passes – This driver is not permitted to drive to the summit before the race.  Vehicles containing spectators are only permitted for those with an Auto Pass.

1 Auto Pass – This driver is expected to pay normal passage fees for the Auto Road: $39 car + driver; $14 additional adult, $9 additional child (5-12 yo), under 5 is free.  Weight limit restrictions apply*.  See Auto Road website.

2 Auto Passes + Passengers – This car + driver (only) will receive FREE passage on the Auto Road (a $39 savings); pay $14 additional adult, $9 additional child (under 5 is free). Weight limit restrictions apply*.  See Auto Road webisite.

3+ Auto Passes – This car + driver (only) will receive FREE passage on the Auto Road and is not permitted to have any passengers. Weight limit restrictions apply*.  See Auto Road website.

*The interior weight in the support driver’s vehicle car cannot exceed 900 lbs coming down (driver, passengers, bikes, gear).  Please add up the weight of each passenger and any additional luggage to make sure it is under this 900 lbs limit.  This is a CRITICAL safety issue on the Auto Road.  Tested over and over again, we have found that if you put more than 900 lbs in an automobile, the weight is too much for the transmission to hold back the vehicle on the steep grades.  It can cause you to use your brakes too much, which will lead to overheated brakes, or worse.  Please keep the interior weight of the car in check.*

Direct any questions to Erin Holmes –eholmes@tinmountain.org.